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INCUBO tells us a story about a boy who trapped in a nightmare filled with memory fragments and confusion. What is the truth? In this thrilling and horror journey, the boy step by step towards the end of the nightmare, what is waiting for him at the end?

Intense and exciting game experience

Complex puzzles and limited time make the game feel overwhelming, A single slip may cause lasting sorrow.

Contains many popular ghost elements

The game contains many famous ghosts from all over the world, and the little boy must escape from their sight.

Players reaction!!

Story Rich

Nightmare (Incubo) Full Game can be purchase at Steam. For curator or streamer can request steam key to us. please provide email address and your streaming channel



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Played your game on my channel. I wasn't sure what to expect but i honestly loved it and can't wait for the full game!

Thank you for playing Incubo demo :)

No this is Game Horror i'm scareay

Starting it out! Very nice so far!

Thank you for playing incubo demo.  😃

this game is amazing! ive been looking for games similar to Inside and Limbo and this is it!! how long until the final game :) 

I'm really excited to see the full project. I got the little Easter Egg at the end of the canal, but are there more hidden in there that I missed?

Hi ! Thank you for playing Incubo and share it in your channel ! We hope our full version will give you more fun :)

This game was fantastic! Part of me wishes the puzzles' difficulty levels went up a bit more graduay but otherwise it was great. Even succeeded in jump scaring me.

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Hi ! Thank you for playing Incubo and share it in your channel ! We hope our full version will give you more fun :)

This game is really incredible: D Scary, Sweet, Perfect! I'm looking forward to the full version! ^^ Greetings from Germany

Hi ! Thank you for playing Incubo and share it in your channel ! We hope our full version will give you more fun :)

We had a blast with this one, great to see a platforming horror game.

Hi ! Thank you for playing Incubo and share it in your channel ! We hope our full version will give you more fun :)

hey just wanted to leave my thoughts on the game. (apologize in advance English is my second language ) to start off, i really liked the art style, like something you'd see in a childrens book (not saying the drawings were bad nothing like that hah ) i think the art style was the reason it caught my attention  tbh lol.  the game ran smoothly, i did however run into a small gitch where the kid gliched and he started to , you  could say fly, but he only flew horizontally. everything else was fine and good. the story was interesting, i have a feeling the kid is dead? (sorry if its a spoiler) so i like the mystery revolving around the possibility that hes just like a "stage dream coma" and needs to escape to wake up...or that hard reality that the kid is dead ( i hope hes not) im really into mystery games so another reason it drew my attention. that went longer then inteded, keep up the good work! looking forward to the full release i did a playthrough adios amigo! 


Hey Leongames ! Thank you for playing Incubo and share your opinion to us ! we really glad you like our art style and the other things. Anyway, the full version will reveal the story and we hope you can play it to find the story of Incubo. We want you to find out the story by yourself ^^ ~

sorry for super late reply lol, if the game is fully out, ill keep my eyes on it, again keep up the amazing work guys!

next episode let's play in french big pleasure to playing this game

To start off, this game looks beautiful! Contols feel really tight, and music and atmosphere are spot on, but I feel like I just had like an endless stream of bad luck with this game. For one, controls were never displayed when I started the game and I had to watch another person's video just to get them. Also not sure if it was a problem with the game or with my computer, but when I plugged in my ps controller like I saw the controlls were for, the games sound turned off and I had to reboot the game. Also, in my opinion, some of the puzzles need a little work, I don't think one's where you kinda are required to die to get it are very good. Like the one where there's the columns, I feel like if I jump over the straight jacket guy, I should be able to just redo the puzzle instead of immediately getting tied up and having to wait like 10 seconds to repawn to try again. Also respawning needs a fix, feels like it takes way too long. Lastly, pacing is just not great in some areas like where you're following the zombie, or waiting in line to get into the tent, they felt like they dragged on forever. I can tell a lot went into this game, it's got really great ideas and I'm still excited to play a full version, but I feel like improving those parts would really improve the overall game. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

I agree with some of your points, but I feel like some  things are perfect like they are, maybe a little more polishing.
For example; the zombie. I feel this stage is about patience, that is why it takes so long.
About the controls, it's a puzzle game, I like that they don't give any information about the controls, so that you have to figure it on your own, but you are right, some people don't like these things.
The respawning, yes, it should be possible to skip it.

Hi Cyberwolf, we thank you for playing Incubo and share your opinion to us. We will fix those problem and update it ASAP.

Please keep support us and tell us if you have any other problem with the game. And sorry for the late reply  :)

Loving this game so far. I can tell its gonna be a good one but there is a part in the game called Yurei where it seems like you need to pull a box to the other side, but i cannot seem to grab ahold of this box. I can push and pull everything else like the carts, but this area im stuck at. Any suggestions would be helpful. Otherwise good game so far.

hi, Asap ! Thank you for playing Incubo. we not sure about " but i cannot seem to grab ahold of this box. I can push and pull everything else like the carts". Maybe there is a bug and we will check it immediately.  For this stage you need to put these box in this position to solve the puzzle (Two box in the bottom, ignore the third box). Please tell us if you have another problem or bugs ! Thank you !

Thank you for the response.  I see how the puzzle should be solved now. What i did was i pushed down that box on top of the big box on the left. Maybe pushing that down bugged it not sure, but ill give this new way a try and see what happens. Thanks again!

check out my gameplay if you d like? :D


Gave it a go...



its really really fun! See the full versions

I didn't get the popup that tells you how to play the game, so I had to watch a playthrough before I figured out what to do. Besides that, it's a really good game!

This game is something else. This is easily my favorite horror game hands down. Its so pretty and the jumpscares oh boy are they good. 

I've just finished playing this game, and it is awesome!

The atmosphere, scenery and art are unique! At the start I forgot it was kinda of a horror game, but the first jump scare reminded me that XD
There are pretty good puzzles and the story is intriging, I really wish I was playing the full game. I'm curious about how the boss fight will be!

Now I have some sugestions. 

At the Yurei segment, there are the boxes you have to push. In the game you can push and pull boxes, but for some reason, I can't pull the boxes in this part. It took me a lot of tries to do that, but then I saw that I had to just push the boxes to the corners. But I think it would be interesting to make the boxes pullable. 

Another thing is the clown balloon segment. You have to go forward the exactly moment the clow says "next". It took me more than 10 tries to get past this part... I think it's just me, but I would recomend having a tolerance of at least 1 second to the player hit the forward button. 

And the checkpoints. This game is hard, and you'll die some times until you manage to do what have to be done. But there were parts that was too long to get to the dying part. Like the ferris wheel segment, where every time I died, I had to go up again, when the checkpoint could be already up there. Or the Yurei segment, where I had to push all the boxes and go up again for another try. 

In the overall, this game is great, beautiful and very interesting! I look forward for another updates or the full game! I'll definitly buy and play it! ^^
Keep up the good work, and congrats for making this incredible game!

Hi Sayuri ! We thank you for playing Incubo and all your suggestion to make this game more better. We will consider and do some changes to make this game more playable and fun. Again, thank you very much for all suggestion and your support for Incubo, we really appreciate it !

Oddly enough it says you can pull and push boxes but at that same spot, i cannot pull the box either. Im trapped in this room now.

let's play for this beautiful demo long and perfect

Hi Junk Spirit ! Thank you for playing Incubo ! We really appreciate it.

thank you very much for this master-piece

I love the graphic style of this game and I actually can't wait  to play the full game whenever it comes out!

Loved this game and how it actually made platforming scary. The puzzles are clever enough that I felt challenged, but not too hard that I was tempted to give up on it. Can't wait until the kickstarter, you've got my support.



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This was the best (and most agitating) let's play I have ever done so far! I was so focused on finding out what was the boy's story that I forgot it was a demo. 


Hey there, I just recently played through the demo and I would like to share some of my thoughts on it here. I'll just be going over some things that I liked about the game, maybe some stuff I didn't and any bugs I might have ran into while playing.

I'll start with what I liked. The game itself looks fantastic, the art-style is definitely a strong point here and the varying environments are interesting and at times highly detailed. Despite it being called a 'semi' horror themed game, it does have quite a few creepy and scary moments in it that really took me off guard, so I was pleasantly surprised in this regard. I could only piece together a bit of the story, however I did find it peculiar in a good way, and it definitely had my attention. Lastly I enjoyed a lot of the puzzles, however this trades blows with another point I'll be making later on.

Now I'll be going over a few things that I didn't like. At times the game felt needlessly difficult, I think this comes down to two things, character movement and checkpoints. The character felt clunky at times, the game requires the player to perform some extremely precise movements and given the way the character handles, this creates some difficulty, a key example of this is during the theater segment with the Yurei, jumping from the ladder to the platform seems simple enough but it took numerous attempts to perfect simply because of the way the character controls. 

Let's talk checkpoints, I appreciate that the game has a checkpoint system, but there are times where things get very frustrating, going back to the theater segment with the Yurei, the player is required to set up the room in such a way that allows them to complete the puzzle and move on. However if the player dies (which they will, a lot) the room resets completely and they have to set it up again, I found that this wastes a lot of time and causes a ton of needless frustration. 

I'm happy to report that I didn't run into any game breaking bugs or glitches throughout my playtime, however there is a minor thing I noticed really early on. When I entered the very first building I had the character close their eyes right before another character appeared on screen. This caused it so I couldn't get out of the action while they were talking, making it really difficult to read the text on the screen. 

In conclusion this has the look and premise of a good game, but there are a few things that keep it from being excellent. It took me an hour and ten minutes to complete the demo, this isn't because the demo is particularly long, but rather because it's needlessly difficult. Looking past the difficulty and frustration I faced, the game is good, the art-style is excellent, the atmosphere and environments are dark and dreary, and match the tone of the game perfectly. It's an enjoyable, albeit frustrating experience at times.

I hope you don't mind but I made a let's play video of my time with the demo over on my channel.

Cheers and best of luck with further development.


Hi Famed Killjoy ! We thank you for playing Incubo and all your suggestion.  For the character movement, we realize you played our old version and the new version movement already fixed. The checkpoint and bugs we still working everyday to fix that, please give us time for this one. We really appreciate all your suggestion for Incubo to make it more better. Thank you !

WE FINALLY PLAYED THIS AMAZING MYSTERIOUS HORROR GAME ! The game was a bit hard and intense, but that is what a game makes it funnier. The musik and the small puzzles was interesting and nice!

Goofin Group

A few complaints on the 'Restart' function being poorly timed with areas that likely have common repetitions of mistakes and deaths but otherwise a fun little package with a mystery 

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Hi ! Thank you for playing Incubo.  We are going to add skip button for the cutscene in our next update. Thank you for your suggestion !

Edit: The skip button already added to every cutscene. Thank you !

So the art style and sound design are gorgeous and haunting but the gameplay itself is clumsy at best and downright frustrating at worst. The amount of time between attempts is far too long do to the drawn out sting on death, having to repeatedly look at whatever objects are a the beginning of the room and the general slow pace of the game. Adding on top of all that, there is far too much trial and error gameplay and the instant death with a long wait to retry plays into how frustrating that becomes. It seems like there is an interesting story here and, again, that art and sound are fantastic, but there's a lot of little things that make the game tedious that are holding it all back. 

Hi ! Thank you for playing Incubo. We will fix those bugs you find ASAP.  We apologize if there is  many things that make you frustrate,  the game still on progress and we will make it more fun to play in full version. Thank you !!

I just hope you found the feedback useful!

INCUBO was an excellent platfomer with a creepy atmosphere and cool story reminded me of limbo but with an art style similar to Fran bow

Thank you for playing incubo !

The story is fantastic and the play method is too good to be cute.
Works expected to be officially released!
재미있게 즐겼습니다!

Thank you for playing incubo !

Amazing game. I really enjoyed it. 


my channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87ACz99Buum0tospPSQSbA

watch my video here:


Thank you for playing incubo !

Hello! This. Game. Was. Great. I have nothing else to say. It was well made even though not always fully explaining certain aspects or goals the game is still beutifully done. I sincerely can't wait for the full release!

Thank you for playing Incubo !

This game was pretty good I look forward to seeing what else this game has to offer.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thank you for playing Incubo !

As I said in the video, I like the depiction of the chaotic nature of dreams, nice work there. The gamepad controls weren't as precise so I went for the keyboard when recording. Now.. waiting for the full release. :)


Hi there, we currently fixed the gamepad controls, thank you for your suggestion, it really helpful to improve Incubo. Thank you !

Sweet, great work getting updates out. :)